Bone Manaia Twist Earrings with Hook and Stain.

Size (mm):  72L x  20W (bone part only)

Approx  95mm total drop length.

This bone carving earring is a beautiful piece of Maori jewellery. The brown staining accents the beautiful detailing. This design features paua shell accents as the eyes of the Manaia. These Maori earrings have been handcrafted from beef-bone. Each carving is supplied on card in a plastic bag. Each piece is individually carved so slight variations can occur.

The Manaia is a symbol of protection and acts as a guardian against evil. 

The Twist (Pikorua) depicts new shoots growing together which represents the joining of cultures and bonding of friendship.

The Hook shape is good for catching good fortune and for safe travel over water.

Pairs with the 'XL Bone Manaia Twist Pendant' (BPXL009) to create a matching set.

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