Faux shark tooth Bone Drop Earrings

Size of the bone part only: 35 mm x 40 mm

Discover our exquisite “Faux Shark Tooth” bone drop earrings—an impeccable fusion of modern design and cultural intrigue. Tailored for fashion-forward individuals, these earrings are sure to leave a lasting impression and spark engaging conversations. Embellished with intricate brown tribal patterns on a white background, each elongated drop conveys the story of ancient customs, linking you to distant lands and a vibrant heritage. Imagine the whispers of past generations resonating through these delicate lines. These earrings hang gracefully from sterling silver hooks, offering both sophistication and ease. With a fluid motion, they effortlessly attract attention and add an ethereal touch. Each earring is carefully packaged in a cellophane sleeve, and slight variations in the carving only add to its charm. From a formal event to a casual outing, these earrings elevates every occasion. Let your inner diva radiate, exude an aura of mystery, and inspire awe. 

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