Framed Tino Rangatiratanga

Size (mm): 330 L x 380 W
Hand Made in New Zealand


The design of the flag is a representation of the Māori creation story, depicting the separation of Rangi and Papa and the birth of the physical world. Tino rangatiratanga embodies the concepts of self-determination, sovereignty, and independence, rooted in the Māori worldview. The colors of the flag hold symbolic meanings - black for Te Korekore, the realm of Potential Being, and white for Te Ao Marama, the realm of Being and Light. The Koru, a curling frond shape, symbolizes new life and the continuous cycle of rebirth. The design can also be seen as a white cloud over Aotearoa. The color red represents Te Whei Ao, the realm of Coming into Being, and symbolizes the feminine, active, and emergent aspects of nature. Together, the design represents the balance and interconnectedness of all natural forces and encourages us to live in harmony with nature and appreciate the gift of life.


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