Greenstone Tumbled Offcuts In Bag.

These jade offcuts are from the production process of making the beautiful jewellery you can see on our website. The stone had a light tumble polish making it ideal for the person that wants a small piece of greenstone as a memento or a touchstone. We have used a 20 cent piece as a size referance.

The Metaphysical Properties of jade:  Strong in spiritual vibes, Jade is hugely connected to the heart chakra. For those ready to flush out negative energy and get into harmony with the wider world, you will adore those soft shimmering moods that Jade brings with it. The heart chakra is where our trust, love, and compassion sits. The heart goes beyond romantic love, connecting us to how we deal with the world and all those that reside in it.

Makes a wonderful tourist or Kiwiana gift.

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