Bone Manaia Porotiti. A traditional Māori musical instrument

Size (mm): 80 H x 35 W

The Porotiti is a disc with a cord looping through two holes. It is played by looping the cord around the hands then twirling it a little to start it spinning. By applying alternate pressure then relaxing the cord each time the disc untwines, a soft humming sound is created. Then by carefully blowing gently on its vanes, it starts to sing and create its own songs. It is considered to be a healing disc, played above sleeping babies to break up mucus in blocked noses and ears.

This bone carving is a beautiful piece of Māori jewelry. The carving is double sided so that it increases the volume of the sound. Can be worn around your neck as a pendant. Supplied loose in a cellophane bag. Each piece is individually carved so slight variations can occur.

The Manaia is a symbol of protection and acts as a guardian against evil.

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